General Questions

What kinds of accessories do you offer?

So many! We offer custom jewelry drawer liners, lined metal pull-out baskets (in multiple metal finishes), hampers, ironing boards that fold out or pull out of a drawer, mirrors which fold into the closet, many styles and colors of pull out bins, many accessories for the office, pantry, children’s toys, and garage. Metal accessories come in multiple choices of finish. Our designer can show you photos of as many options as you wish to see.

How much does a closet cost?

Each closet is customized so there is no real average price. Your closet will be what you want. Our clients enjoy the process of choosing exactly what options and accessories suit their budget and their needs.

How long does it take to get my closet installed?

Each job is unique, but on average, a closet system can be installed within three weeks of finalizing the plans. Sometimes this time is shorter. Most installations can be completed in one or two days. Our designer will work with your schedule to arrange a time most convenient for your schedule and needs. Of course, If you are in the construction phase, your new closets will just be there when you move in.

Who will be in my home during installation?

Our crews are clean-cut professionals who know how to care for and protect your home during the installation process. We are so proud of our crews and our clients just love them!

Product Questions

What are the closets made of?

We begin with great design and use the highest quality closet systems, which are made in the USA. Melamine is the gold standard in closet systems because it is stronger and more warp resistant than plain wood. The whole system is engineered with thicker boards than other brands, which, combined with innovative fasteners and construction, yield a stronger product.

What is the environmental impact of the products you use?

Our BuiltGreen and Made in the USA products are far superior and contribute to LEED certification. PVC is low cost and versatile but very toxic, so our products use epoxy powder coated steel or melamine, which do not release harmful VOC’s during manufacture or after installation. Epoxy powder coating also creates minimal waste and is nearly 100% recycled. Our certified melamine meets environmental certification and is CARB compliant. Our steel is 99% recycled and our melamine is made from 100% recycled material as a fiber source. Our designer can show you more environmental facts about our products.

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